Cats Are Jerks: Game Over

It’s been a long time between episodes, but not because we are short on reasons our little man is a ‘jerk’.

My fiance and I are avid gamers. Our kitty doesn’t like to share our attention with a game console however. On more than a few occasions he has been known to reach over and turn off the system and more often than’s at a very pivotal point of the game and the progress has not been saved.

Without further ado..I present Episode 2. Game Over. Enjoy!!!



Cats Are Jerks: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane… It’s Bigsby.


bigsbyWe have an handsome one year old tuxedo kitty named Bigsby. Bigsby was saved from the sewers as a young kitten and given to us by a friend who is a vet tech, at just a few months old. We feel very blessed to have him as part of our little family. BUT… boy, is he a jerk sometimes.

Cats are Jerks is an original comic set up by myself with some input from Bigsby’s dad, my fiance, Brian to document our journey with our little man.  If you are a feline enthusiast you probably already know how fiercely independent kitties are. This is our story…