Skin, Drugs and Rock & Roll?

Its now been a week and a half since my doctor’s visits and starting on my diabetes meds. Taking the meds is a big pain in the butt, but I must say, already I’m feeling so much different. I have SO much more energy it (and I’ve only been taking half doses to get my body used to it!) and my appetite has slowed down dramatically. I’ve yet to prick my finger to see where my B.S. is be sitting. Honestly, I’m afraid of that finger pricker. Because I KNOW it hurts, I can’t imagine doing it to myself intentionally 🙂 Sooner or later I’ll muster up the courage though! But, based on feelings alone, I’m optimistic!

I’m a little scared to start taking stronger doses of everything (the amt the doc prescribed). What if my blood sugar goes TOO low? What if my body can’t handle a bunch of medication due to unforeseen circumstances? I know I’m just paranoid. The doctor definitely knows more about how to treat me than I do. But I’ve never been a fan of medication. I’m that person who will either push through my symptoms, ignore them completely or search for natural remedies before even considering putting man-made medicine in my body. I think it all goes back to my core issue of needing to feel in control. Currently, my body is out of control and I can’t control it without outside help.  Yet.  I WILL if there is any way possible defeat this disease and not be medicine dependent the rest of my life on this planet!

One thing I will say is that I’m so incredibly blessed and thankful to have the partner I do in Brian. I can’t really say it enough. From the moment I told him I had diabetes, he started making lifestyle changes himself to help me along my journey. He has a ‘we’ll fight it together’ mentality that helps keep me strong everyday.

In other news, I’m going to get back to reviewing products here on the site. I did a few reviews for books, and I’ll be continuing that as well. I figure I’ll be trying lots of new things in the months to come 🙂 So look for reviews on Michelle Visage’s book Diva Rules, You Are A Bad Ass by Jen Sincero and also Rodan + Fields Soothe Skin Regimen in the near future.

One final note… I just did the most fun workout (at home) in a long time! I’m a big fan of zumba so I always try to find zumba workouts on youtube that I can do on my off days from the class at the gym. A friend shared this video with me and I fell in love with this guy! He has an entire youtube channel and some playlists with a full workout. I just clicked on the playlist called ‘warm ups’ today. And if those are warm ups I’m definitely not ready for the real deal. ha! I did 11 songs in the warm up playlist and got a GREAT workout! This sweat did not make itself!


Until next time my sweet friends, namaste!


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