Oh… Trump.

I’m not much of a political person but I couldn’t sit idly by this campaign season.

I’m very afraid for the state of this country with the way this election is headed and the reactions of many of our citizens. I’m but one voice in the masses of American citizens but with that voice I can still attempt to be heard.

For FB

I’ve created these Anti-Trump Removable Bumper Stickers and Car Magnets so that I can express everywhere I go my displeasure in this election. I figure if I have to be an audience member at the circus that is the GOP then I may as well try to capitalize on it. That’s the American Dream for you! ha!

Stickers and Magnets are 8″ w x 6″ h.

Magnets – $12.50 each (includes shipping within US)
REMOVABLE Bumper Stickers – $5.50 (includes shipping within US)

Payment is accepted via Paypal. Once I receive an order I will send you an invoice. Item prints after payment received and should ship to you within 7 days (or less). Please contact me with any questions/orders!

Lets stand up against the insanity!


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