Cats Are Jerks: Game Over

It’s been a long time between episodes, but not because we are short on reasons our little man is a ‘jerk’.

My fiance and I are avid gamers. Our kitty doesn’t like to share our attention with a game console however. On more than a few occasions he has been known to reach over and turn off the system and more often than’s at a very pivotal point of the game and the progress has not been saved.

Without further ado..I present Episode 2. Game Over. Enjoy!!!



2 thoughts on “Cats Are Jerks: Game Over

  1. I personally blame xBoxes for being too bloody easy to turn on and off! Many has been the time that I’ve come home to find the xBox on and the disc drive open thanks to my blind cat who loves brushing past it and then standing on the open disc drive. Luckily he hasn’t broken it. Yet…

  2. Too funny! Our guy will typically actually lay on top of the xbox and stare at us while we play. If we aren’t acknowledging him he’ll slowly put his paw down right over top of the power button.if we still don’t acknowledge him..BEEP!!! lol jerk. 🙂

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