Express Your Self(ie)

I had been waiting to find the perfect ‘blog’ topic to write about for my first post here. Thanks to a wonderfully written blog at, I think I’ve found it.

You can’t be on any social media website without seeing your peers, friends or family posting a selfie. For me, selfies started back in the heyday of Myspace. It seemed every week (sometimes every day) the popular thing to do was to post a photo of yourself. Typically the photos were taken at an awkward angle that is meant to give the impression that you are ‘artistic’ or ‘thinner’ than you are but in actually just make you look like a bobble head doll.

When I originally started taking selfies it was more because it was the ‘popular’ thing to do moreso than looking for validation or to stroke my ego. At first I thought nothing of it but the older that I got the more I started noticing that some of my friends would post multiple photos that looked exactly the same. It started to become a nuisance on my Facebook feed, so much so to the point where I would even block people from my newsfeed. I started to realize that if I was becoming tired of seeing my friends’ faces then surely people out there were becoming tired of seeing MY mug. At that point I decided that I would back off from the daily ‘selfies’ and only post them if there was something really important that I wanted to share with everyone or if I was feeling particularly good about myself.

When the idea of looking back at your old selfies and showing a progression of where you’ve been came up, I was very thankful that I hadn’t completely cut out the selfie habit! I had a great trip down memory lane this morning as I looked through all of my old profile pics. I encourage everyone to do the same! If you’re anything like me, you’ll run though a gamut of emotions (hopefully mostly good)!

Here’s my journey from 2008 to present…
Aug 2008
August 2008 – I had just gotten my first flat iron and was starting to come into myself. I had just split up from a relationship that I had believed would be my last.
Dec 2008
December 2008 – I chopped off all of my hair and finally ditched my glasses for contacts. I had also joined a gym and was feeling pretty darn snazzy ๐Ÿ™‚

Oct 2009
October 2009 – I was having a great time enjoying my singlehood!

Feb 2010.jpgJan 2010
January and February 2010 – I had been going to the gym for a little over a year and was feeling really great with myself. I was very much into the outdoors, still single and going adventuring almost every weekend. Wishing I had someone to adventure with though.

March 2010 – I started hanging out with this guy. Brian was one of the first guys I had met in almost 2 years of singlehood that I felt a real connection with. ย And now he’s my fiance ๐Ÿ™‚

March2010 (2).jpg
March 2010 – This photo is probably more important to me now than it was at the time. Looking back I ย notice how silly I was to be taking photos of myself in a movie theater bathroom..but at the same time knowing why I was since (imo) my body looks pretty darn good after that year + of gym ๐Ÿ™‚

July 2010
July 2010 – This photo was taken the weekend that I told Brian I loved him for the first time ๐Ÿ™‚

Jan 2011 (2).jpg July 2011
January and July 2011 – It would seem that a lot of my self confidence comes in how my hair looks. These are probably two of my favorite selfies.

March 2012November 2012
March and November 2012 – late in November I had to go back to wearing glasses because my contacts were annoying me…I also started losing interest in “doing” my hair. I know this doesn’t seem of utmost importance but these days I have a lot of self confidence issues and I feel like I can almost pinpoint late 2012 as being a point when I started to ‘let myself go’. I had a lot of stress at that time with buying a new home and I think I just lost my way. There were a lot less selfies in 2012 than any other year up to this point.

May 2013
May 2013 – This year there were very few pictures of me unless they were sweaty after an exercise class. These are the times I felt/feel best about myself.

I notice a trend in looking at these photos. It is when I feel the best about myself that I truly feeling like sharing ‘me’ with the world. That has fallen to the wayside over the last year but hopefully 2014 will bring a more confident Mindy with a lot more selfies ๐Ÿ™‚

What does your journey look like in selfies? Please consider commenting with a link to your “Selfie” blog, I’d love to see it!

Thanks for reading! Also, if you are to know any more about me I also have a website dedicated to my “journey to health”… check out if you are interested!


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